• Caitlin Argotsinger

3 tips to stay on top of your health this winter

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

1. Stay hydrated

We need LOTS of water, even in the winter. I find that many people think about sweating in the summer and always having water, but we need a lot of water in the really dry months too. Water helps literally all of our bodies functions run properly so it’s no wonder why it helps our immune systems and when we do not get enough in a day, we can get sick quickly when we run into a virus.

What I do:

I try to remember to never ever leave the house without water bottles for myself, my husband, and my 2 year daughter- when we bring it, we always drink it! It helps to not feel so sluggish all day. I am also sure to clean it out every day to kill any lingering bacteria or viruses. I’ve learned my lesson after forgetting about it a couple of times for two or three days and it becomes a total slimy bacteria breeding ground :[.

2. Keep up on vitamins D and C

Vitamin D is important for so many roles in our body to keep things running smoothly and keep us healthy. Most of us can’t get enough, no matter what time of the year from the sun or from food.

What I do:

This is the only supplement that my family takes every single day! We like to use drops that contain vitamin D plus vitamin K2 to help with absorption.

Vitamin C seems obvious, but it really is hard to get enough for a lot of us. One thing I like to mention when it come to C is it is really important to get the REAL stuff, not the synthetic version- ascorbic acid- because it’s the Vitamin C that comes from food, YES food, that really helps our immune system. Try increasing raspberries, fresh oranges (I did not say orange juice…), kale, and other vitamin C rich foods in the winter. You can also avoid synthetic ingredients and look for whole food derived supplements. Look at the labels!

One of my favorite ways to get my 2 year old (and my husband) to increase their kale consumption (which is high in Vitamins D, K, and C!) is to blend it up and sneak it in everything from pasta, to to muffins, to smoothies!

This is the brand my family uses because it is much more convenient to give a toddler a drop instead of a tablet (and I usually slip it into her elderberry syrup so it's just one delicious sip): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N3CO1T0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1

3. Stock up on Elderberry

Elderberry is a wonderful antibacterial wonder and it is an immune boosting superhero! You can get supplements, juice, or dried elderberries and make your own syrup. It is generally recommended that you take 1 teaspoon each day, and if you do get sick, you can take 1 teaspoon every couple of hours. You can even put a little on your morning oats!

What I do:

I make my own Elderberry Syrup at home with dried elderberries and local, raw honey- another powerful tool to fight illness! My family takes a tablespoon of this homemade delight every day in the cold months.

One of my favorite things to teach my clients in the winter is how to make this sinfully delicious syrup.

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