• Caitlin Argotsinger

Find Exercise That You LOVE

You do not need to go to the gym if that is not what you love to do.

Exercise and activity should be something you wake up in the morning and want to do, otherwise it won't be sustainable, and it likely won't get the results you hope for.

Similar to what we eat, certain exercise and activity is good for some people and not good for others. Our genes, our gender, our age, our blood type, and our heritage all play roles in the types of food and exercise that are best for each of us.

Science and research have shown that some people thrive on high-cardio activity but for others that doesn't produce results, and sometimes makes them feel worse. Some find that they maintain a healthier life by simply doing yoga or meditating. Others find a balance of somewhere in between to work great for them.

Where to start?

A great place to "start" if you are bewildered about exercise is to choose one "active" exercise and one "relaxing" exercise and try to incorporate them into a weekly routine. The bottom line though, is: you will need to find what works best for you.

To determine what is best, you can start by paying attention to your body. What really makes you feel good, and what makes you feel awful? You can add or take away things and experiment for a while until you are really feeling your best.

Next, look for an activities that you enjoy! Something that gets you excited. Something you LOVE to do. Doing things you love will give you the motivation and the "feel good" hormones and natural energy you need to keep going.

If you can, Get outdoors!

When you can take advantage of the nice weather, see if you can find something outdoors. Most of us spend a lot of time inside and breathing in air that everyone else in the office is recirculating. Simply getting fresh air is a great way to rejuvenate our bodies.

Now, get out some paper...

1. Start by writing down the activities you like best, here are some ideas:

  • dancing

  • biking

  • walking

  • running

  • soccer

  • yoga

  • gardening

  • meditation

  • dog walking

  • tai chi

  • sand volleyball

  • etc...

2. Write about how you like to do them, for example:

  • with one or two friends

  • with a partner

  • with kids

  • in a class

  • outdoors

  • alone

3. Write down what motivates you? Maybe its...:

  • other people doing the same activity

  • an instructor

  • my kids

  • myself!

4. Write down why you want to be active. These could be some reasons:

  • So that I can feel stronger

  • So that I can keep up with my kids

  • So that I have more energy

  • So that I can be healthy

5. Write down some action steps you can take now to get started! Examples:

  • get my bike out

  • call a friend or two to schedule a weekly meet-up or a daily walk

  • choose a class at the rec center

  • sign up for online yoga classes (ie: on Gaia.com)

6. Schedule your activity times into your calendar!

  • choose which days and what time you are going to do your activity and pencil it in! This is a key part to making habits sustainable!

  • Remember this is time for YOU and if you don't take it seriously, you likely won't stick with it.

  • Don't let things get in the way! Just like you wouldn't skip work or your kid's soccer practice, don't let things slip in place of your scheduled activity time.

7. Choose one of your action steps that you can do right now, and do it!

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