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  • Caitlin Argotsinger

Health Coach? Nutritionist? Dietitian? Which is the best healer for me?

How does it differ from a Dietitian or Nutritionist?

This might be one of the questions I get most often so I have tried to outline it the best I can. Please note, this is just a general outline, and some practitioners may have more qualifications which you can ask about when working with each specific individual.

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach:

  • Works with patients using coaching techniques to steer them toward health goals

  • Looks at whole picture, not only nutrition

  • Works with client to create life sustaining transformations

  • Guides, motivates, and holds accountability for clients toward and beyond health goals

  • One year of education (at Institute of Integrative Nutrition)

  • Trained in over 100 dietary theories

  • Trained by current leading experts, doctors, researchers, and healers in each area

  • Not protected name (Some health coaches are not certified or have very different training)*

  • Cannot treat disease and illness, or prescribe medication, supplements, or specific diets

  • Generally not covered by insurance

  • Usually covered by FLEX Spending Account or Health Savings Account

Registered Nutritionist:

  • Works with patients with specific nutritional tools

  • Works toward patients health goals

  • Can test for and locate nutrient deficiencies or abnormalities

  • Helps heal by discovering root cause of problem or disease

  • A holistic nutritionist would look at more of the whole picture

  • Few years of training in complex nutrition, anatomy, physiology, and more

  • Not protected name (some might call themselves a nutritionist who are not registered)*

  • Cannot diagnose conditions

  • Sometimes covered by insurance

Registered Dietitian:

  • Works with patients in treatment and management of disease

  • Can prescribe specific diets, and supplements

  • Can diagnose conditions

  • Often has experience or works in hospital setting

  • Follows strict medical diet and food regulations

  • Years of education and internship experience

  • Holds protected “Dietitian” name and credentials*

  • Generally covered by insurance

When choosing the right health practitioner, it’s important to recognize your specific condition or desire, and find the best fit for you.

If you are interested in meeting me, I recommend doing my free initial consultation so we can determine if we are compatible, if I can help you, or if I can refer you to other healers in my network who might suit your needs.

We are all working together to make the world a happier healthier place!

*Always protect yourself and make sure the practitioner or healer you are working with is certified or registered.

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