• Caitlin Argotsinger

So,...What is a Health Coach?


The definition of a health coach is not going to be the same everywhere you look. Since it does not have strict guidelines and regulations like the title dietitian for instance, there can be some confusion. I am going to tell you what I do as a Health Coach, and more specifically an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I earned this title by completing a certification program through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I was taught by world renowned doctors, scientists, authors, researchers, meditators, financial advisors, therapists, and more experts related to wellness.

I’ve been trained in specialized coaching techniques to assist clients in uncovering their personal needs and goals to create attainable and sustaining life transformations. I've studied the ways in which nutrition plays a tremendous role in our life. In my education, I’ve learned over 100 nutritional dietary theories; not with the goal of promoting any one of them, however. Instead I draw wisdom from all of them to find what works for each person. Nutrition is important, but it is only one piece in the puzzle of holistic wellness. I also walk through the process of finding balance throughout all parts of life with my clients. This includes integration of fitness, meditation, relationships, spirituality and much more.

So why might you need a Health Coach?

If you are here, you might be asking yourself "Why can’t I just do it on my own?"

Some of us really need a coach to get us where we want to be, because let's face it, wellness is not an an easy goal. Even the best food and exercise won’t support what we need if we don’t have balance in all aspects of our life. It is not shameful to ask for a hand, and there is no better investment than in your self, your body, and your wellbeing.

Here is a secret: I have my own personal health coach! It turns out that if I have someone to hold me accountable for my own goals, And motivate me. I accomplish far more than I ever could have imagined with a health coach by my side.

My personal journey as been an incredible one. I find myself repeating the following mantra - feel good, live well, love life; everyday.

Examples of client’s health goals:

  • “To be a healthy weight so that I don’t feel too tired to be actively involved in my children’s lives.”

  • “To find balance and manage stress so I have more relaxed free time with my husband.”

  • “To cook nourishing meals and for my family and keep us all healthy.”

  • “To practice more self care and develop a sustainable routine.”

  • “To be more focused at work and more present at home.”

  • “To eliminate my cravings for sugar, and make better snack choices.”

  • “To learn how to make “gluten-free” an easier part of my life.”

  • “To know my purpose and to have the energy and vitality to work toward that each day”

Bottom line:

I help clients reveal and achieve their health goals.

I do not make the transformations, the client does that. I am here to motivate, give out the necessary tools, hold accountability, teach about specific nutrition and wellness based on individual needs, and be there through anything that comes up along the way. I am here to listen, guide, inspire, and care for each client.

If you are interested in working with me, start by signing up for my free initial consultation.

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